400 Riders, Marchers, and Pipeline Fighters: #SDPUCnoKXL!

On Sunday, July 26, 20 riders on horseback led nearly 400 people in a march across the Missouri River to protest the Keystone XL pipeline! Hearings on the state’s pipeline permit started today at the Capitol building, where numerous organizations, tribes, and native and non-native individuals have intervened to oppose the permit certification.



Today, the people of South Dakota won – we have shown we will not let this pipeline be built across these lands!


Organized under the banner of No KXL Dakota, a coalition of native and non-native grassroots groups opposed to Keystone XL, the march was the culmination of years of work to build relationships across cultures, ethnicities, religions, classes, and peoples of South Dakota. Marchers from across the state were joined in solidarity by members of the Ponca Nation and people from Missouri, California, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.



Media coverage of the march:
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